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Who We Serve

Who We Serve

How We Help - Our Whole Life Financial Planning


How We Help
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Pre-Retirees & Retirees

Your personal goals can get complicated when your nearing the next chapter in your life. Partner with financial experts to handle the financial planning, so you can concentrate on the your life! We cover it all: cash-flow, tax planning, debt management, retirement benefits, stock plans, & investment management. We have the expertise to help you. Our lead adviser has been working with people nearing or in retirement since 2003. 

Click on the button below to learn more about our Whole Life Financial Planning Process for pre-retirees and retirees. 



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Choosing your financial planner is a very important decision. The person you choose, of course needs to have the educational and professional qualifications of a competent advisor.


But equally important is sound judgement.


You might be asking: “Who is Kathleen and is she someone I can trust?”

To answer that question, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself, the experiences I had growing up and why I chose to become a financial planner.


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Kathleen J. Owens
Certified Financial Planner

Credentials & Affiliations

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Why Choose Us?

Fiduciary - Highest Ethical Standards - Fee-Based - Independent


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People may think that all advisors are about the same. I thought that too, before I became an advisor. Once I learned the difference, I knew I could only work as a registered investment adviser, and feel good about the work I was doing.


Registered Investment Advisers are fiduciaries and are required  to always put the interests of their clients first. 

Registered Investment Advisers charge fees for their services, not commissions, which can temp an advisor to make excessive trades in your account to earn more money for themselves.

We're also independent and thus, are able to partner with the best financial firms to obtain the best solutions for you. 

We're Registered Investment Advisers and we follow the highest ethical standards in the industry set by the Certified Financial Analyst Institute. I'm proud of the work we do to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Kathleen Owens | Certified Financial Planner candidate | Managing Director 

Please click on the button below to read the Certified Financial Analyst Institute's Code of Ethics and Standards of Ethical Professional Conduct.   

Why Choose Us
Services & Fees

Services & Fees

What's great about us is that we're a Registered Investment Adviser. We are independent and not tied to a large brokerage firm with limited choices. We are able to provide to you a full array of institutional-class investment choices.

The most well-regarded financial service companies partner with us to offer their insight, research and best-practices with the goal to bring to our clients the most up-to-date information and investment solutions. Here's a partial list of the companies we work with:


Financial Planning

Whole Life Financial Planning  -  Full Comprehensive:  We cover every area of your life which could affect your finances. We then focus on the areas that may have the greatest impact on the success of your dreams and goals. Our Whole Life Financial Planning - Full Comprehensive process is outlined on the menu page: "More - Whole Life Planning".

We do an in-depth analysis of your finances to determine where you're currently at. Our recommendations are different from most advisors because we have learned that most of the "old ways" of financial planning just don't work in today's world. We don't rely solely on hoping the stock market will perform just right, so that the plan is successful. We utilize strategies to grow your wealth tax deferred and tax free, and ways to generate guaranteed income.


The planning is very in-depth and takes time but, it's so important if you want to do all that you can to optimize your chances for reaching your goals. The plan is digital, so we can review and make adjustments along the way. We utilize the most up to date technology to make your planning process as easy and efficient as possible.  

Our planning fee begins at $2,500 for the initial plan, then the annual renewal fee is 50% of the initial fee.

Investment Management

Investment management involves managing all of your investment accounts  in conjunction with your financial plan. After your financial plan is created, investment accounts are allocated to reflect your goals, timeline, risk tolerance, and investment preferences. These two processes work together.


Our investment philosophy is prudent management of your investment account(s) with regard to maximizing total returns in consideration to overall risk. Some investors do risk their entire investment portfolio in the stock market. Sometimes this strategy is successful, sometimes it is not. Our philosophy is to first assure lifetime income, in conjunction with stock market participation. Active tax planning is also a large part of assuring you keep and grow as much of your money as possible.


Your financial plan may also include other financial products such as life insurance and an annuity. These investments can give you family protection against loss of income and provide guaranteed income.

The investment management fee is a percentage of the assets we are managing for you.

Detailed information on our investment management fee and investment account minimum can be found by clicking the button below.


Information you need to have a wonderful retirement


American workers have been told that having a 401(k) savings account is the cornerstone to retirement saving. Social Security was structured to be a supplemental safety-net for retirees.

Have these tax-deferred savings accounts delivered on their promises?

This report by financial adviser Kathleen Owens delves into the facts and broken promises with 401(k) retirement savings plans and Social Security. Get our report:


The 401(k) and Social Security Myth.

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