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Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Age 50+

Have $500K + in retirement savings

Want answers and help

How We Help - Our Whole Life Financial Planning


How We Help
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Pre-Retirees & Retirees

Your personal goals can get complicated when your nearing the next chapter in your life. Partner with financial experts to handle the financial planning, so you can concentrate on the your life! We cover it all: cash-flow, tax planning, debt management, retirement benefits, stock plans, & investment management. We have the expertise to help you. Our lead adviser has been working with people nearing or in retirement since 2003. 

Click on the button below to learn more about our Whole Life Financial Planning Process for pre-retirees and retirees. 

Port Analysis

Get Your Portfolio Analysis

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We analyzed this portfolio (from another firm) and the results show this portfolio has multiple problems:
high fees, low yield, high taxes and absence of exchange traded funds as compared to 6,312 portfolios with the same risk level.


Choosing your financial planner is a very important decision. The person you choose, of course needs to have the educational and professional qualifications of a competent adviser.


But equally important is sound judgement.


You might be asking: “Who is Kathleen and is she someone I can trust?”

To answer that question, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself, the experiences I had growing up and why I chose to become a financial planner.


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Kathleen J. Owens
Certified Financial Planner
Credentials Affiliations

Credentials - Affiliations - Awards

Award winner
Services & Fees

Services & Fees

What's great about us is that we're a Registered Investment Adviser. We are independent and not tied to a large brokerage firm with limited choices. We are able to provide to you a full array of institutional-class investment choices

(which, by the way, cost you less!)

The most well-regarded financial service companies partner with us to offer their insight, research and best-practices with the goal to bring to our clients the most up-to-date information, investment solutions and technology. Here's a few of the companies we work with:

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Financial Planning

Whole Life Financial Planning  -  Full Comprehensive:  We cover every area of your life which could affect your finances. We then focus on the areas that may have the greatest impact on the success of your dreams and goals. Our Whole Life Financial Planning - Full Comprehensive process is outlined on the menu page: "More - Whole Life Planning".

We do an in-depth analysis of your finances to determine where you're currently at. Our recommendations are different from most advisors because we have learned that most of the "old ways" of financial planning just don't work in today's world. We don't rely solely on hoping the stock market will perform just right, so that the plan is successful.


The planning is very in-depth and takes time but, it's so important if you want to do all that you can to optimize your chances for reaching your goals. We utilize the most up to date technology to make your planning process as easy and efficient as possible.  

Click here to learn more about


We use MoneyGuidePro software that assists us in answering all your questions you may have about planning your present and financial future. You will have the opportunity to get involved as much as you like with your planning process by using this software through the client portal. Together we can explore various scenarios that you want to look at.


Such as: "what if" you want to stop working early? how will that scenario affect your plan? "How many vacations  can you plan each year?" But the most important question we can answer is: how long will your money last.  

Our planning fee begins at $2,625 for the initial plan, Including you will have access to your plan in MoneyGuidePro for 1 year!

Investment Management

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Investment management involves managing  your investment accounts in conjunction with your financial plan. After your financial plan is created, investment accounts are allocated to reflect your goals, timeline, risk tolerance, and investment preferences. These two processes work together.

With technology used by the world’s largest financial institutions, we will show you how your existing portfolio stacks-up against thousands of other portfolios that have the same risk level as yours. This analysis will show us if you have been paying high commissions or fees, paying high taxes due to the way the account is allocated or if the risk level is not appropriate for your goals or risk tolerance.


Then, we will use this technology to create your portfolio, in addition to using institutional quality model portfolios that seeks to give you the best investment choices for your goals at the lowest costs and with pro-active tax management.


Our investment philosophy is prudent management of your investment account(s) with regard to maximizing total returns in consideration to overall risk.

The investment management fee is a percentage of the assets we are managing for you.

Detailed information on our investment management fee and investment account minimum can be found by clicking the button below.

A Message from Our Custodian

Wall Street is not looking out for you. Many companies sell high commission products, charge excessive fees or may use deceptive practices to make money. We think there's a better way. You deserve transparency, fair pricing and great, independent financial advice.

So we started Altruist.

We want to help tens of millions of people have an amazing experience with their money by supporting thousands of financial  professionals. Our software makes advisors more efficient and gives them freedom to charge less.                                           This means you'll pay less, make more, and gain confidence.

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