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Whole Life Planning Pre-Retirees & Retirees

Getting ready for the next-chapter of your life can be daunting. It's a lot to think about. With changes in tax laws, retirement account withdrawal changes due to the pandemic and stock market uncertainty, make sure you're not missing something that can cost you.


As registered investment advisers, we are independent and are able to partner with the best minds in the financial services industry to get you the best practices and solutions for your needs. As time moves you to your "next chapter" in your life, here's critical items that we look at for pre-retirees and retirees.

  • If you're retired, we'll look for ways to improve your protection, cash flow, returns and tax savings

  • Social Security: let's calculate when is the best year to start taking Social Security benefits

  • Medicare: what are the plan options; pros and cons

  • Pensions: If you're lucky to have a pension, how will it fit into your overall withdrawal plan

  • Tax Strategies: careful planning is needed to minimize taxes

  • Estate Planning: as you get older, you usually gain more clarity about your legacy. We'll review your documents to assure your wishes are still relevant

  • Long-term care & LTC insurance: if it isn't too late to obtain long-term care insurance, we will explore if it's an option for you, and the alternatives

These items listed above are part of our financial planning process for pre-retirees & retirees.

Our Whole Life Comprehensive Financial Planning process is what we do when clients engage us to work for them.

Click button below to read our two page document: Whole Life Planning Process - Full Comprehensive










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