Whole Life Planning - Single Women


Life sometimes has twists and turns that we can't anticipate. Adjusting to changes in your life can be less-stressful with a caring adviser by your side. We'll work with you on the next stage of your journey and develop a plan that aligns with your vision and values.


Special areas of focus that we look at for women that become single due to divorce or the death of their spouse/partner are first: immediate changes in your income and lifestyle changes that may affect your well being and outlook on life. We focus on you, the whole person during this time of transition. 


  • We take an in-depth review of your current situation: financial, lifestyle and emotional

  • Review the changes to your Social Security benefits and adjust your income sources as needed

  • Check for any changes to pension benefits

  • Review how your tax status has changed and proactively plan for short-term and long-term adjustments 


  • Financial settlement review: life insurance payout, alimony, trust stipulations

These items listed above are part of our financial planning process for single women. Our Whole Life Financial Planning Process - Full Comprehensive is what we do when clients engage us to work for them. 

Click button below  to read our two page document: Whole Life Planning Process - Full Comprehensive


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