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Whole Life Planning - Single Women

Financial advice for the modern woman

Life sometimes has twists and turns that we can't anticipate. Adjusting to changes in your life can be less-stressful with a caring adviser by your side. We'll work with you on the next stage of your journey and develop a plan that aligns with your vision and values. We call our process, financial advice for the modern women, because we use modern tools combined with decades of experience to give our women clients, best-in-class advice.


Special areas of focus that we look at for women that become single due to divorce or the death of their spouse/partner are:


immediate changes in your income and lifestyle changes that may affect your well being and outlook on life. We focus on you, the whole person during this time of transition. 



  • We take an in-depth review of your current situation: financial, lifestyle and emotional

  • Review the changes to your Social Security benefits and adjust your income sources as needed

  • Check for any changes to pension benefits

  • Review how your tax status has changed and proactively plan for short-term and long-term adjustments 


  • Financial settlement review: life insurance payout, alimony, trust stipulations

These items listed above are part of our financial planning process for single women. Our Whole Life Financial Planning Process - Full Comprehensive is what we do when clients engage us to work for them. 

Click button below  to read our two page document: Whole Life Planning Process - Full Comprehensive

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