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What Can you do now?

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

May 10, 2023

The past three years have been really tough for most, and devastating for many. We all know what has been happening, so I won't delve into those details in this post. Currently, lots of companies have been laying-off employees en-masse. It's been brutal and disheartening.

Our spending power has been cut by astonishing inflation and our investment accounts have taken a hit. Although the S&P 500 is up 7.98% Year-To-Date, it is still crawling back from its low of -18.32% at the end of 2022.

We may be paralyzed by shock and not sure what to do. But inaction should not be your plan. Its time to assess your finances and see if there's anything you can do to improve your financial situation.

What can you do now?

Get help from a fiduciary financial planner.

We can analyze your investment account(s) to find if any changes can be made to get your account balances up, instead of down. Let's try to see if we can keep more of your money in your account, and not have it trickle away because of commissions, hidden fees, high fees and unnecessary taxes.

How do we do this?

With technology used by the world’s largest financial institutions, we will show you how your existing portfolio stacks-up against thousands of other portfolios that have the same risk level as yours.

Then what?

The results will show you if you should:

1. Do nothing

if the analysis shows your portfolio is in good shape. That's great for you!

2. Make changes

If minor problems are found; keep your portfolio at your existing custodian, but make changes to lower costs and lower taxes.

3. Move your account

If many problems are found that cannot be changed at your existing custodian or advisor; move your portfolio to a new custodian and a new adviser because you are paying high commissions and fees and or taxes.

We will use this technology to create your portfolio that seeks to give you the best investment choices for your goals at the lowest costs.

If you decide to move your account to a new custodian, it won't cost you anything to move your account(s).

Doing this analysis is well worth your time. You could save thousands in fees and expenses.

Let's chat and find out how your portfolios are really doing.

Kathleen Owens

Fiduciary Financial Planner

Certified Financial Planner candidate

basket of golden eggs held by young woman.
Golden nest eggs in basket. Your retirement savings!

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