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 Whole Life Planning - Wealth-Building Families


As you attend to your career and your family, there's a lot of moving parts. Long-term financial planning can get pushed to the back-burner as you attend to day-to-day living. Here's the special areas that young families need to keep in mind, and what we focus on to get young families set-up for long-term financial success. 

  • 529 (and other) Educational Savings Accounts: we'll set these up the right way to optimize saving and tax advantage for each child's education. (We also have tips to get grandparents involved that help maximize qualifying for college financial aid: to reduce your overall college tuition bill)

  • Children's Investment Account: we can set-up this little known strategy to get children off to a great start with a tax-free retirement account (yes, it is allowed by the IRS)

  • Budget & Expense Review: We've got the tools to drill-down to identify if your money is being allocated wisely to maximize important income-expense ratios. We'll handle the data gathering, input and generation of these very informative reports.

These items listed above are part of our financial planning process for wealth-building families.

Our Whole Life Comprehensive Financial Planning process is what we do when clients engage us to work for them. Click button below to read our two page document: Whole Life Planning Process - Full Comprehensive



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